Short Courses

Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (Mandarin or Cantonese) is a teacher training programme which aims to train well qualified Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese) teachers in order to cope with the fast-growing demand of Chinese teachers in the UK. This programme emphasizes practical skills and effective strategies for teaching groups, individuals, adults and children.




Tai Chi Courses


We offer beginner and intermediate Tai Chi classes.

Calligraphy Class

Chinese calligraphy is an art of lines and has developed into five styles: Zhuan, Li, Kai, Xing, Cao; It is a culmination of thousands of years of input by Chinese ancestors to create a brilliant civilization. Beginner classes will start from the most basic line drawing, starting with Zhuan script, following with Li, Kai and Xing , Cao temporarily not planned. After the introductory course, I believe you will have a systematic understanding and practice of the five calligraphy scripts. You will be able to practice it by yourself as an interesting pastime.

Arts Drawing Class

This class is aimed towards those with an interest in creating art but have never taken art classes, or for those who have taken art classes in the past and wish to revisit their passion. This class is also suitable for young people who are thinking of applying to art schools. If you wish to relax and have a bit of fun and learn about art or are looking to find a creative way to invigorate your life after work, this is the class for you.