Private Music Teacher Training Course (PMTTC)

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Course Introduction

Covid-19 has brought massive impacts to the people such as community involvements, mental health concerns, and income loss. Music education has never been more important to rebuild the local communities, individuals' well-being and personal development, as well as to create more job opportunities in the UK. 

Private teacher is one of the most common ways for musicians to supplement their income. Being your own boss, you can choose the hours, clients and modes of delivery that make sense for you. You can teach two lessons a day, five days a week, or teach them all on one day. It’s up to you! If you are already pursuing another career, this is the perfect way to make some extra money on the side. 

This one and only Private Music Teacher Training Certificate may provide you with the transferable skills that would enhance your teaching and gain more students in the UK. 

Course Overview 

In these unprecedented times, Covid-19 has changed the landscape of music education, whilst music pedagogy has significantly developed in the UK over the years - Are you ready to enhance your teaching skills? Are you ready to learn and become an effective music teacher? Become a certified music teacher with this course! 

Private Music Teacher Training Course (PMTTC) aims to train current and future music teachers in order for them to adapt to the local communities and education system. This course emphasises pedagogical skills and effective strategies for teaching individuals, groups, music learners with varying ages, levels, abilities and needs. 

It is an opportunity for current and future music teachers who desire to obtain contemporary skills in music education and to enhance their employability in the UK. This would benefit teaching of any Western or Chinese instrument / level / style / theory of music. 

This course helps students to develop pedagogical skills vital for engaging in a wide range of educational activities, by drawing on and deepening their existing practical experience as music teachers. Students have the opportunity to advance their theoretical understanding of music teaching, strategies for reflective practice, and the use of music to positively impact people’s lives as music educators. Students participate in lectures and practical activities in which they have the opportunity to work with, observe, teach others and to receive feedback on their teaching. 

This is a unique course that is suitable for music teachers who want to refresh and enhance their teaching techniques, and also for those who wish to become private music teachers. Certificate of Achievement issued by Ming-Ai (London) Institute will only be given to successful students (pass compulsory and overall assessments and meet 80% or above attendance rate). References can be provided by Ming-Ai (London) Institute to successful students for career or educational purposes (upon request). All students will be taught to find / gain business independently and effectively. They will also have a chance to be recommended to music schools and other educational institutes. 


The course aims to provide “training, practice, transferable skills” to our students, which helps to boost their employability as private teachers in a wide range of music teaching jobs. Certificates will also be awarded to students who successfully complete the course. 

The course is both theoretical and practical. The course leader and guest tutors are all qualified and experienced music teachers with brilliant experience in music teaching and teacher training courses. 

Course Leader: Profile  

Mr. Aaron Soon is our music specialist and the course founder and leader of Private Music Teacher Training Course (PMTTC). He is a professional music teacher, community musician, and music teacher trainer. He has 1-1 and group working experiences in music studios, institutions, and with organisations that support mental health, special educational needs, hospitals, and prisons. He is currently collaborating with universities of the UK whilst working for two local arts organisations as both a music educator and events manager in which he supports music learners with varying ages, levels, abilities, and needs. He holds an MA in Music Education: Instrumental and Vocal Teaching at the University of York, a BA (Hons) Music: Education and Community at the York St John University, as well as NQF music diplomas and certificates in piano, vocal, music theory and composition. 

Course Outline

  • Teacher identity, teaching pupils of different ages and genders. 
  • Types of education, teaching and learning styles, teacher-student-parent relationship. 
  • Effective teaching and behaviour change. 
  • Lesson planning and reflective practice. 
  • Instrumental and vocal: Music teaching techniques. 
  • Approaches to music education. 
  • Performance and assessment. 
  • Working with children, creativity, the role of the facilitator. 
  • Group teaching. 
  • Technology in music teaching and online teaching. 
  • Enhanced teaching skills (music, health, and wellbeing; special educational needs; lifelong learning). 
  • Community music practice: Leading workshops and sessions, cross fields. 
  • Professional development: Music education careers and employability.


  • Mock Teaching; Reflective Writing; Assignments; Attendance.

As this course will be taught in English, students will need to complete their assignments, mock teaching and reflective writing in English.

Learning Outcomes 

By the end of the course students should: 

  • Have planned, executed and evaluated instrumental/vocal/theory lessons. 
  • Have demonstrated competence in lesson planning. 
  • Have demonstrated competence in teaching. 
  • Have demonstrated competence in written reflection on teaching. 
  • Have demonstrated the ability to find / gain business independently and effectively. 

Course Fees

  • £500. 


  • Private Music Teacher Training Certificate by Ming-Ai (London) Institute.

Entry Requirement 

Applicants will need:

  • The passion for music and teaching AND 
  • A certain degree of musical knowledge and skills (ideally with music performance and / or music theory qualifications) 

Classroom Size

  • In order to ensure the quality of teaching-learning, there will be a limit number of students per intake. 

Mode of Delivery

  • Online study via Microsoft Teams.

Course Intakes

  • Three intakes in a year (Spring, Summer, Autumn), depending on which is most suitable for you. 
  • Spring and Autumn intakes: 13 weeks, every Saturday at 2-4pm. 
  • Summer intake "intensive": 13 consecutive days (excluding weekends) at 2-4pm. 

Contact Us

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  • Telephone: 020 8361 7161 
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