Professor Dr Douglas J. Thom's Collection

Professor Dr. Douglas John Thom is a veteran Full Professor of Educational Administration and Leadership at Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. His concern is values, ethics, and beliefs and he is an active unique international scholar, speaker, builder, and leader. His Collection in the Ming-Ai (London) Institute is comprised of his career scholarly works. In 2000, Dr. Thom founded Global Conscience Circle (GCC) / Cercle de la Conscience Globale (CCG), a charitable, international, humanitarian organization that helps humanity and that was inspired by the late Dr. Therese W.H. Shak and Ming-Ai.

His latest publication, Ordered Eternities Every Which Way...The Multiverse Explained, he found the great insight into "Meaning of Life" by studying TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and the concept of Yin & Yang, can be downloaded here.  Prof Thom welcomes feedback from readers; please email Prof Thom directly for any academic discussion (his email address can be found on the book).