Making Chinese Votes Count

Thanks to the New Initiatives Fund granted by The Electoral Commission, the Making Chinese Votes Count project, which was under the management of the consortium consisting of both Ming-Ai (London) Institute and the London Chinese Community Network (LCCN) was started from 9th January 2006.

Figures available suggest that there are about 300,000 Chinese people living in the UK, forming one of the biggest minority ethnic groups in the country. However, because of the low level of participation in political activities, the Chinese community is often "seen but not heard".This 12-month project aimed to increase the awareness about the political and electoral systems and to mobilise the Chinese voters. With the aim to get more Chinese involved with politics and electoral systems and to make their vote count throughout Britain.

A series of activities were carried out to target participants from the Chinese communities all over the UK to cover topics such as:

  • Current electoral laws and systems
  • The importance of political participation and addressing factors that give rise to lack of participation in politics and voting
  • How to become involved in politics and public life and make Chinese vote count.

For information on an A-Z of useful words in an election, click here (pdf).