PGDip in Chinese Cultural Heritage Management

Ming-Ai brings unique and practical experiences to the cultural heritage management field, and we are proud to be running the PGDip in Chinese Cultural Heritage Management course. This eight-module course is a great option for students looking for a flexible course that offers career progression whilst balancing work and family commitments without the need to complete a dissertation module. The course can be completed either full or part-time offering you greater flexibility.

This course provides all the information and skills required to effectively start a new career in the cultural heritage industry. This course draws students who seek an international cultural outlook or who wish to administrate and/or develop artistic practices required in the industry. This course welcomes graduates from a variety of disciplines from the UK and worldwide. It is also suitable for people already working in the industry who wish to equip themselves with knowledge and experience to further their career path in an increasingly popular and lucrative sector.

We are doing everything we can to ensure that you continue to receive a great learning experience with us in October. We aim to provide you with lots of support to achieve your potential throughout your learning whether you are with us online and/or in person. Students will work with both academic and practical sources with teaching and learning activities delivered through a mixture of live and on-demand tasks to be completed independently or as a group.

This programme is quality assured by Middlesex University and you will receive a Middlesex award on successful completion. Students will receive the award of PGDip in Chinese Cultural Heritage Management (120 credits achieved). Students who complete the PGDip in Chinese Cultural Heritage Management can progress to complete the MA Top-Up in Chinese Cultural Heritage Management subject to meeting the criteria(See below). Only the CCHM3000 Dissertation module will need to be completed to achieve the MA certification. Students who wish to pursue this route will rescind their PGDip certification and be rewarded with an MA in Chinese Cultural Heritage Management (full 180 credits achieved).

MA Top-Up Criteria

For the MA Top-Up in Chinese Cultural Heritage Management course, you must have completed the PGDip in Chinese Cultural Heritage Management within the past five years before applying (students will only need to enrol for the CCHM3000 module and their PGDip certification will be rescinded). For example, a 2022 PGDip graduate can apply for the MA Top Up course up until the 2026/27 academic year intake. Once the 5-year period has passed, students can still apply for MA in Chinese Cultural Heritage Management course but will need to complete the full course credits (180 credits). (Available to students from Spring 2022/23 intake onwards).

  • Credits: 120
  • Start Date: 4th October 2021
  • Method of Delivery: Full-time (FT) and part-time (PT)
  • Course Length: 6 months, 18 months part-time
  • Fees for UK national students:
    £5,000 (FT)
    £3,500 (PT, per academic year)
  • Fees for international students (EU)
    £5,200 (FT, applicable to 6-month Standard Visitor Visa)
  • Fees for international students:
    £8,000 (FT, applicable to 6-month Standard Visitor Visa)

Unfortunately, we cannot offer part-time PGDip courses for international students

MA Top-Up

  • Credits: 60
  • Start Date: April 2022
  • Method of Delivery: Full-time (FT) and part-time (PT)
  • Course Length: 6 months (FT), 18 months part-time
  • Fees for UK national students:
    £5,000 (FT)
    £7,000 (PT)
  • Fees for international students (EU)
    £5,200 (FT)
  • Fees for international students:
    £8,000 (FT)

Why choose this programme?

Unique Focus in London


This specialist programme explores the unique and practical sector of Chinese Cultural Heritage Management within the content of the creative and cultural industries. You will, therefore, learn how to apply western management techniques in the area of Chinese Heritage and how the UK runs its creative and cultural industries. Being based in London also allows you access to the leading arts and cultural organisations, including galleries, museums, heritage sites and theatres that have given London its premier status as the world’s cultural capital.

Highly experienced lecturers

You will be taught by lecturers who combine academic expertise with active research interests or industry experience at managerial and executive level. You will also benefit from guest lectures by industry experts from the South Bank Centre, British Museum, British Library and London Metropolitan Archives. You will also gain training opportunities in these world-class museums and heritage organisations in Britain.

Industrial Placement

The degree has been designed in collaboration with cultural heritage industry leaders to ensure that it is, and will continue to be, relevant to industry needs. Your placement is designed to give valuable practical work experience in the sector and a practical understanding of how heritage and cultural organisations are run and managed as a business entity.

Practical Learning

The learning style is to be taught in small group seminars and workshops, where the emphasis is on interaction and activity-based learning including class visits and talks by industry professionals. You will also develop both theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for a successful career in the heritage and cultural professions.