Information and advice for students if you are interested in enrolling or have enrolled in a short course or the MA course at Ming-Ai (London) Institute. This information will guide you through how everything you need to know before enrolling to what to expect during your study at the institute. If you still have questions please feel free to contact us.

PGCert Before You Enrol

Information to help you enrol in short courses at Ming-Ai and prior experience students need (if any), and gives details of materials needed.

Information and advice about the courses are available at all times when the Institute is open. Reception is the place to start if they can't help you, they will put you in touch with someone who can, such as a specialist tutor.  Most of our courses are open to all, without previous experience or tutor approval. The course descriptions in short courses provide information to help you make your choice.

Support for Students with Disabilities

When you enrol, we ask you to indicate on the form if you have any physical or learning support needs, so we can help you from the start of your course. With your permission, the Programme Coordinator will share this information with your tutors, to enable them to support you properly.

Support For Students With Learning Difficulties

We do not offer specific courses for students with learning difficulties. However, we will do our best to accommodate you at the Institute, or to refer you somewhere else if we cannot provide what you need.

How Do I Join?

Most of our courses are open to the public and you can join without an interview. However, some courses need tutor approval and have a separate application form, which may involve an interview.   Once the successful enrolment process is complete you will receive an e-mail confirming your place on the course.

Enrol by Post

Please send your completed enrolment form and cheque to: Ming-Ai (London) Institute, 1 Cline Road, London N11 2LX.  Cheque should be made payable to “Ming-Ai Association”.

Enrol by Bank Transfer

You must email or send your completed application form to us, and by BAC to “Ming-Ai Association” account with HSBC (Sort Code: 40-03-11; Account number: 71549634).

Enrolling in Person

During term Monday to Saturday, 09:00-17:00. 

Once You Have Enrolled

Once you have enrolled: Matters of concern with your class.

Who To Speak To With Queries

Staff on the Reception desk are your first point of contact other than queries about your course, in which event please speak to your tutor.

Finding Your Classroom

If you need help finding your room, please ask Reception. 

Access to the Building

If you have mobility issues which require completely level access to your classroom, please let us know when you enrol, to ensure your class is moved to an accessible room. We also need to know if you unable to negotiate the stairs in case of fire. Your tutor will also ask this, at the start of every course.

Letting Us Know If You're Absent

We like to know when you can't attend class! You must let us know either by email or by phone on 020 83617161 and we will tell your tutor. If you miss a few classes, and we haven't heard from you, you may receive a call from us, so do please let us know if you are likely to miss one of your classes.

What Happens If Your Class Is Cancelled

Just like the rest of us, sometimes tutors get sick, and classes have to be cancelled at very short notice. When this happens, we phone students as soon as we have the information. So let us have your most up-to-date phone number, preferably a mobile, to avoid you making an unnecessary journey to the Institute. Some cancelled classes are made up, but unfortunately this is not always possible due to time and room constraints. We try to keep you informed as quickly as possible regarding changes to courses.  Students on courses which are cancelled by us for other reasons, such as low student numbers, will always be informed in advance and a full refund or transfer to another course offered.

Health and Safety

Some information about the Institute that is useful for the students and other users.

Health, Safety and First Aid

Our aim is to make the Institute a safe learning environment, and we take the safety of all Institute users very seriously. Accidents will be investigated thoroughly, to endeavour to avoid them happening again. Reception staff can book a taxi if you need to get home if an ambulance is not appropriate.

Please keep your belongings secure and do not leave personal items unattended. Follow the health and safety advice given by your tutor. Please report any building issues to Reception.


We all have a responsibility to respond correctly when the fire alarm sounds. Your tutor will go through the fire evacuation procedures at the start of your course, including the written fire evacuation information in every classroom. Please note the locations of fire exits, and the refuge points. It is your responsibility to tell your tutor if you are unable to use the stairs in case of fire.

In line with current legislation, smoking is not allowed anywhere in the building.

Car Park

Parking is free for students on the day of their classes.  Places are taken on first come first serve basis. The Institute is not responsible for any damage caused to the vehicles in the car park.

Snack Bar

The Institute provides self-service Snack Bar, please pay accordingly to the price labelled.

Lost Property

Items found in classrooms are returned to Reception. We always end up with a mountain of lost property at the end of each term. Unclaimed items are then disposed of, so please do check if you have lost something.

No Left Luggage

The Reception area is very short of space, so regrettably we cannot look after your bags, coats, rucksacks. We are always prepared to help elderly or disabled students to negotiate the stairs with their class materials and books.

Students Feedback

We welcome comments whether negative or positive, about any aspect of the Institute's activities. If you have a complaint please raise it on the spot wherever possible so that it can be dealt with immediately. If this is not possible and you do not have a named person with whom you wish to raise the matter, please contact the Dean on 020 83617161.

Terms and Conditions of Admission

All students admitted to courses of Ming-Ai (London) Institute are bound by the following terms and conditions.

  1. Enrolment form and cheque should reach the Administration Office at Ming-Ai (London) Institute, 1 Cline Road, London N11 2LX at least seven working days before starting date.

  2. Cheques should be made payable to “Ming-Ai Association”; or by BAC to “Ming-Ai Association” account with HSBC ( Sort Code: 40-03-11; Account number: 71549634).

  3. The course will only take place if justified by demand.

  4. Enrolment for a course creates a binding agreement to follow the course and pay the fee.

  5. The Institute reserves the right to cancel a course, in which case all fees paid are refunded.

  6. The Institute is committed to sustaining the cost of the course to the end of the term once it has commenced; therefore fees paid are non-refundable.

  7. Students wishing to withdraw their enrolment 4-6 working days before the start date will receive a refund minus an administrative charge of 10 % of the course fees paid.

  8. Students wishing to withdraw their enrolment 2-3 working days before the start date will receive a refund of 50 % of the course fees paid.

  9. No refund of fees will be made to students wishing to withdraw one day before, on/after the start date of the course.

  10. If a student must withdraw from the Institute because of serious illness during the academic term, 50 % of the balance of a pro rata fee will be refunded on condition that a certificate of inability to attend the Institute is produced from an approved doctor.

  11. In the event of a student being dismissed by the Institute, fees will not be refunded.

  12. The Institute reserves the right to change the course fee and timetable.

  13. Students who have not paid their fees by the due date of payment or on the instalment dates agreed with the Dean will incur an additional surcharge of 1.5% per month on the outstanding balance compounded.

  14. Fees do not include textbooks or extra reference books or tools recommended by a tutor. As some individual courses may include the cost of necessary materials, please seek advice before you book the course.

  15. Reference letters will not be issued for students not adhering to the terms and conditions given herein.

  16. Students are expected to behave properly and maturely, showing due respect towards tutors and consideration towards other students. Students, or their parents/guardian, are held responsible for a repair or replacement of any furniture or equipment which they have damaged.

  17. The Institute will not be responsible for any mail or money sent to students using the Institute as a mailing address.

  18. The Administration Office must be notified by the student of any change in his/her addresses and telephone number.

  19. If this form is signed on behalf of the student by his/her sponsor/guardian, these terms and conditions remain in force.

  20. Students are expected to abide by the provisions of Health & Safety, Disability and Discrimination legislation.

  21. The above terms and conditions are subject to interpretation by Law Courts in England.