MA in Chinese Cultural Heritage Management

MA in Chinese Cultural Heritage Management

Ming-Ai (London) Institute is proud to be offering the MA in Chinese Cultural Heritage Management in partnership with Middlesex University.

The MA in Chinese Cultural Heritage Management will provide a comprehensive and practical course on the field of cultural heritage management, with a specific emphasis on Chinese cultural heritage. The programme will explore issues of Chinese cultural heritage in the UK and around the world and students will learn how to apply Western techniques of cultural heritage management to the care of Chinese tangible and intangible heritage.

The MA programme will combine Ming-Ai’s unique and practical experiences in the Heritage sector with the study of theory and case studies and a work placement to equip students with the skills required for a successful career in the heritage industry and beyond.

Ming-Ai strives to be the leading force in British Chinese heritage and this brand new course will provide a way for those with a strong interest in Chinese heritage to benefit from our expertise, knowledge and experiences, whilst laying the foundation for future projects.

The MA programme is offered in partnership with Middlesex University. Developed, delivered and assessed by Ming-Ai, the programme will be awarded by and quality assured by Middlesex University.

The next cohort of  MA programme is due to begin in April  2017. If you are interested in learning more about the programme click here and for further details please contact us.

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