Once You Have Enrolled

Once you have enrolled: Matters of concern with your class.

Who To Speak To With Queries

Staff on the Reception desk are your first point of contact other than queries about your course, in which event please speak to your tutor.

Finding Your Classroom

If you need help finding your room, please ask Reception. 

Access to the Building

If you have mobility issues which require completely level access to your classroom, please let us know when you enrol, to ensure your class is moved to an accessible room. We also need to know if you unable to negotiate the stairs in case of fire. Your tutor will also ask this, at the start of every course.

Letting Us Know If You're Absent

We like to know when you can't attend class! You must let us know either by email or by phone on 020 83617161 and we will tell your tutor. If you miss a few classes, and we haven't heard from you, you may receive a call from us, so do please let us know if you are likely to miss one of your classes.

What Happens If Your Class Is Cancelled

Just like the rest of us, sometimes tutors get sick, and classes have to be cancelled at very short notice. When this happens, we phone students as soon as we have the information. So let us have your most up-to-date phone number, preferably a mobile, to avoid you making an unnecessary journey to the Institute. Some cancelled classes are made up, but unfortunately this is not always possible due to time and room constraints. We try to keep you informed as quickly as possible regarding changes to courses.  Students on courses which are cancelled by us for other reasons, such as low student numbers, will always be informed in advance and a full refund or transfer to another course offered.