CCHM2002: Curating Cultural Heritage Exhibitions

Credits: 15


This module aims to provide a balance between the theory and practical skills in planning a cultural heritage exhibition in the UK and China. Using observed phenomena as the starting point of teaching to carry out theoretical introduction at reasonable depth. Pay attention to theoretical deductions and avoid dull and obscure presentation.

The module aims to:

  • Review the subjects of cultural heritage exhibitions, the theory and methods of cultural heritage exhibitions

  • Establish students’ funding application skills for planning community exhibition in the UK

  • Explore the curatorial industry development, status quo and future expectations, the methodology and practical skills of specific exhibition planning

  • Debate the working procedures of exhibition production, such as topic selection, content planning, funding application to implementation and management methods

  • Critically analyse, express opinions, arguments accurately, clearly and convincingly through exhibitions



Have a conceptual understanding of:

  • What are cultural heritage exhibitions

  • Roles of exhibitors: theories and concepts

  • Case studies for community exhibitions in the UK

  • Case studies for museum exhibitions in the UK

  • Case studies for museum exhibitions in China

  • Exhibition project management, planning and education

  • International Curation Management (touring exhibitions)


  • Ability to identify key issues in culture heritage exhibition project in the UK

  • Ability to critically analyse existing cultural heritage exhibitions and make creative suggestions for improvement

  • Ability to design a strategy for cultural heritage exhibition

  • Participate in or initiate a curatorial project

  • Planning and organising public activities on history and cultural education

  • Use acquired knowledge to support exhibition visits with family and friends


  • Introduction: Theories and Concepts of Exhibitors

  • Exhibition for cultural heritage subjects

  • Exhibition project management

  • Exhibition planning

  • Exhibition operation, promotion & education

  • Applying funding for cultural heritage exhibition in the UK

  • Case study: Community exhibitions in the UK

  • Case study: Chinese gallery in British Museum

  • Case study: International curation management


Students will be taught through a combination of lectures, workshops, seminars, guest lectures independent learning and visits. Lecturers will use a large number of exhibition projects which the lecturers had personally participated, as a case study to conduct theoretical verification and skill development from real and first-hand materials and experience feedback


Coursework 1 (40%) & Coursework 2 (60%)

Total: 100 %